Stephen Marley “Old Soul” Official Lyric Video & “Babylon By Bus Summer Tour” Out | PREVIEW! 

Stephen Marley
Stephen Marley Old Soul

The Official Lyric Video For Old Soul By Stephen Marley & The Babylon By Bus Summer Tour Outline are OUT


Stephen Marley, the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer, has delighted fans with the release of the official lyric video for his highly anticipated new single, “Old Soul.” This captivating video takes viewers on a nostalgic journey through Stephen Marley’s personal history, featuring unseen family photos, vintage vinyl album covers, and a captivating collage of Jamaican music history. The video is now available for viewing on Stephen Marley’s Official YouTube Channel, offering fans a glimpse into the life and legacy of this renowned artist.

Unveiling the Old Soul

“Old Soul” is a heartfelt acoustic track that showcases Stephen Marley’s growth and innocence as a youth in the Marley family. As the second son of the legendary Bob Marley, Stephen takes listeners on a coming-of-age journey, reflecting on personal legends and the eras of musical influences that shaped his life. The introspective lyrics transport us to a time when Stephen was the favorite, a beloved figure in his family. With lines like “April 1972, my mom and poppa brought me through,” he shares intimate glimpses of his past, conveying his deep connection to his roots. The song, co-written with Jamaican pop star Omi, captures the essence of Stephen’s soulful artistry.

A Musical Legacy

Stephen Marley’s contribution to the music industry extends far beyond his own remarkable achievements. His live performances, which include material from his Grammy-winning albums and his father’s revered songbook, have captivated audiences worldwide. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Stephen and his band embarked on numerous tours, honing their craft and delivering unforgettable experiences to fans. Even during the lockdown, Stephen’s creative spirit remained undimmed. He set up a makeshift studio on a remote family farm in the serene Florida countryside, where he hosted nightly jam sessions in a converted garage studio. Surrounded by the organic sounds of binghi drums, bass, acoustic guitar, and flute, Stephen explored original compositions, revisited old favorites, and unearthed soulful and reggae rarities.

A Vibrant Journey

The essence of these unplugged jam sessions can be felt in “Old Soul,” which was recorded during this period of creativity and self-discovery. The soulful vibrations that emanate from these sessions will infuse Stephen’s upcoming tour dates and his forthcoming solo album. Stephen’s music defies categorization, as he draws inspiration from various genres and art forms. Whether he feels inclined to play jazz, reggae, or any other style, Stephen remains true to himself, unbound by conventions. As he aptly puts it, “You have to be true to yourself. I refuse to be put into any category. I am inspired by everything. So, if I feel like I want to play some jazz music, I will play some jazz music. Who dig it, dig it.”

Spreading Love and Unity

At the core of Stephen Marley’s music is a timeless message of liberation and unity. He believes in freeing people’s minds and souls through music. As he echoes his father’s words, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery,” Stephen seeks to empower listeners with his soul-stirring compositions. His music transcends borders, inviting people from all walks of life to embrace love and unity. Stephen Marley and his band are committed to spreading this message, making music accessible to all who seek solace and inspiration.

Babylon By Bus Summer Tour 2023

Stephen Marley’s “Babylon By Bus Summer Tour” marks a triumphant return for the artist and his band. The tour promises an unforgettable experience with a lineup of hand-picked support artists. Audiences can look forward to performances by Fortunate Youth, Skip Marley, Jesse Royal, Hirie, Arise Roots, Roots of Creation, and more. The tour kicks off on June 24th in San Diego, California, and spans over 30 cities across the United States, including stops in Colorado, Las Vegas, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Florida. Fans can visit Stephen Marley’s official website and social media channels for the complete tour schedule and ticket information.

Stephen Marley Babylon By Bus Summer Tour
Babylon By Bus Summer Tour Artwork


Stephen Marley’s release of the official lyric video for “Old Soul” has generated excitement among fans, offering a glimpse into his personal journey and artistic growth. With its soulful melodies and introspective lyrics, the song serves as a testament to Stephen’s talent as a singer-songwriter. Furthermore, his “Babylon By Bus Summer Tour” promises to be a celebration of music, unity, and love, uniting audiences from diverse backgrounds under the transcendent power of sound. Stephen Marley continues to honor his father’s legacy while forging his own path, inspiring listeners with his authentic and soul-stirring compositions.


1. Where can I watch Stephen Marley’s official lyric video for “Old Soul”?

You can watch the official lyric video for “Old Soul” on Stephen Marley’s Official YouTube Channel via HERE.

2. Who co-wrote the song “Old Soul” with Stephen Marley?

The song “Old Soul” was co-written by Stephen Marley and Jamaican pop star Omi.

3. Will Stephen Marley be touring in Summer 2023?

Yes, Stephen Marley will be embarking on the “Babylon By Bus Summer Tour” in Summer 2023, which includes over 30 cities across the United States.

4. Which artists will be supporting Stephen Marley on his tour?

Supporting artists on the tour include Fortunate Youth, Skip Marley, Jesse Royal, Hirie, Arise Roots, Roots of Creation, and more.

5. Where can I find the complete tour schedule and ticket information?

For the complete tour schedule and ticket information, please visit HERE.

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