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Loop Community

Loop Community Is Expanding Master Track Catalogue

Loop Community, a leading platform for worship resources, has been making significant strides in expanding its master track catalogue over the past few years. This initiative aims to provide worship leaders with a wider range of original master multitrack stems, offering enhanced options for creating dynamic and engaging worship experiences. Through strategic partnerships with renowned record labels and artists, Loop Community has been able to offer an extensive collection of worship multitracks, establishing itself as the go-to destination for worship leaders seeking high-quality resources.

1. Introduction

In recent years, Loop Community has taken significant steps to enhance its offerings and meet the evolving needs of worship leaders. By focusing on expanding its master track catalogue, Loop Community has ensured that worship leaders have access to a comprehensive selection of original multitrack stems.

2. Loop Community’s Journey Towards Expansion

Loop Community began its journey to expand its master track catalogue in 2021. Recognizing the importance of providing worship leaders with the best possible resources, the platform sought partnerships with top record labels and artists. These collaborations opened doors to a vast array of original multitracks, enabling Loop Community to cater to diverse musical preferences and worship styles.

3. New Partnerships with Prominent Record Labels

Loop Community’s commitment to excellence led to strategic alliances with esteemed record labels such as Capitol Christian Music Group, Hillsong Music, Bethel Music, TRIBL Records, Canzion Networks LLC, MNRK Music Group, and more. These partnerships have been instrumental in securing the rights to offer master multitrack stems from their artists.

Moreover, Loop Community already had existing partnerships with Provident Label Group, Fair Trade Services, Centricity Music, Curb | Word Music Publishing, and numerous other labels. These collaborations have contributed to the platform’s impressive catalogue of over 25,000 tracks, making it the largest online collection of worship multitracks available.

4. Diverse Catalogue of Worship Multitracks

With the inclusion of master multitracks from a wide range of artists and genres, Loop Community ensures that worship leaders have access to an extensive selection. Artists such as Chris Tomlin, Hillsong Worship, Bethel Music, Elevation Worship, Todd Dulaney, Housefires, Marcos Vidal, and many more are now part of Loop Community’s catalogue. This diversity allows worship leaders to tailor their worship experiences to their congregations’ unique preferences and musical styles.

5. Founder’s Perspective

Matt McCoy, the Founder of Loop Community, expresses his excitement about these new partnerships and the expanded master track catalogue. He acknowledges that providing worship leaders with original multitracks has always been a primary goal for Loop Community. Matt expresses his sincere appreciation to the collaborative efforts of record labels, publishers, songwriters, and artists who have joined forces with Loop Community, facilitating the provision of invaluable resources to the worship community.

6. Benefits for Worship Leaders

The expanded master track catalogue at Loop Community offers numerous benefits for worship leaders. With a broader range of options, worship leaders can curate worship sets that resonate deeply with their congregations. The availability of original multitracks allows for greater creativity and flexibility in crafting engaging worship experiences.

By accessing LoopCommunity.com, worship leaders can explore the extensive catalogue, discover new artists, and access high-quality multitrack stems. This platform empowers worship leaders to create transformative worship encounters by leveraging the expertise of renowned artists and record labels.

7. Conclusion

Loop Community’s efforts to expand its master track catalogue reflect its commitment to serving worship leaders with excellence. By forging partnerships with prominent record labels and artists, Loop Community has created a diverse and expansive collection of worship multitracks. With a wealth of options at their fingertips, worship leaders can elevate their worship experiences and engage their congregations on a deeper level.

In conclusion, Loop Community’s expansion of its master track catalogue has brought immense value to worship leaders worldwide. Through strategic partnerships with top record labels and the inclusion of original multitracks from renowned artists, Loop Community has established itself as a trusted source for high-quality worship resources. By leveraging this extensive collection, worship leaders can create transformative worship experiences that resonate deeply with their congregations. Visit LoopCommunity.com today to explore the expanded master track catalogue and embark on a journey of musical worship innovation.


Q1: How can I access the expanded master track catalogue at Loop Community?

You can access the expanded master track catalogue by visiting LoopCommunity.com. There, you will find a vast collection of worship multitracks from various artists and genres.

Q2: Can I customize the multitrack stems to fit the needs of my worship team?

Yes! The master multitrack stems available at Loop Community are fully customizable. You can adjust individual elements, such as vocals, instruments, and effects, to suit the requirements of your worship team.


Q3: Are there any subscription plans or fees associated with accessing the master track catalogue?

Loop Community offers both free and premium subscription plans. While many multitracks are available for free, premium plans grant access to exclusive content and additional features. Visit LoopCommunity.com to explore the available subscription options.

Q4: Can I use the master multitracks for live performances and recordings?

Yes, the master multitracks can be used for both live performances and recordings. Loop Community provides licenses that cover the usage rights for worship events and other related purposes.

Q5: How often is the master track catalogue updated with new releases?

The master track catalogue at Loop Community is regularly updated with new releases. The platform strives to provide worship leaders with the latest and most relevant worship resources from their partnered artists.

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