Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter: Listen To New Single “Freeman Square”

Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter

Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter Drops New Single “Freeman Square” Off of Their upcoming Album Project, Super Blue

Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter have teamed up once again to bring us their latest single, “Freeman Square.” This exciting release comes as a precursor to their upcoming album, “SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree,” set to be released on September 15th via Edition Records. Following the success of their previous collaborations, including the GRAMMY-nominated album “SuperBlue” in 2021 and the 2023 covers EP “Guilty Pleasures,” Elling and Hunter continue to push the boundaries of their artistic expression.

Introduction to Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter

Kurt Elling is a highly acclaimed vocalist who has garnered numerous GRAMMY awards throughout his illustrious career. He is recognized worldwide for his exceptional talent and innovative approach to jazz music. From reimagining classic standards to composing his own compelling originals, Elling’s performances captivate audiences with his imagination, insight, and emotional intelligence. Unlike many artists who prefer to stick to the familiar, Elling’s creativity and ambition only grow stronger over time, as demonstrated by his stunning new LP.

Charlie Hunter, on the other hand, is an accomplished guitarist and producer known for his genre-bending style, seamlessly blending jazz and hip-hop influences. His unique musical contributions have allowed him to traverse different musical landscapes, collaborating with a wide range of artists. Hunter’s partnership with Elling began in 1995, and together they embarked on a musical journey that led them to unexpected destinations. Their previous collaboration on the album “SuperBlue” was met with critical acclaim, earning them a GRAMMY nomination for Best Jazz Vocal Album in 2022.

“SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree” Album Overview

The upcoming album, “SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree,” reunites Elling and Hunter with drummer Corey Fonville and multi-instrumentalist DJ Harrison, both members of the jazz-funk fusion quintet Butcher Brown. This vibrant collection features a variety of new songs, dynamic reinventions, and surprising covers. The album showcases the diverse talents of Elling and Hunter, along with the contributions of additional musicians, including flutist Elena Pinderhughes and the Huntertones Horns.

The tracklist of “SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree” includes captivating renditions such as Joni Mitchell’s “Black Crow,” Bob Dorough’s Schoolhouse Rock standard “Naughty Number Nine,” and Ron Sexsmith’s “Right About Now.” The fusion of vivacious funk, contemporary beat lyricism, and vocalese brilliance creates a fresh and captivating listening experience. Through this album, Elling and Hunter aim to bridge the gap between traditional jazz and modern sensibilities, introducing the genre to a wider audience while preserving its rich history.

The Evolution of a Musical Collaboration

The collaboration between Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter has flourished over the years, combining a cultivated traditionalism with innovative audacity. Their shared passion for music has resulted in a unique fusion of styles, captivating listeners with their boundless creativity. While the project initially began as an experimental endeavor during the pandemic, it has now evolved into a well-established unit built for forward motion.

Elling and Hunter’s artistic journey is characterized by their relentless pursuit of fresh challenges and new ideas. They embrace an all-encompassing approach to music, art, and life itself. As they continue to explore uncharted territories, their collaborative efforts pave the way for exciting possibilities in the realm of jazz



Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter’s latest single, “Freeman Square,” marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their musical partnership. With their upcoming album, “SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree,” they invite listeners on a vibrant and immersive sonic adventure. By fusing their individual talents and pushing the boundaries of jazz, they transcend musical conventions and inspire others to embrace the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will “SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree” be released?

The album is scheduled for release on September 15th via Edition Records.

2. Has Kurt Elling received any awards for his contributions to jazz music?

Yes, Kurt Elling has won multiple GRAMMY awards throughout his career, recognizing his exceptional vocal abilities.

3. How would you describe Charlie Hunter’s musical style?

Charlie Hunter’s style can be best described as genre-bending, as he seamlessly blends jazz and hip-hop influences in his music.

4. Are there any notable guest musicians featured on the album?

Yes, “SuperBlue: The Iridescent Spree” includes contributions from flutist Elena Pinderhughes and the Huntertones Horns.

5. What can we expect from Kurt Elling and Charlie Hunter in the future?

Both artists continue to push the boundaries of their craft and explore new artistic avenues, promising exciting projects in the future.

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