MP3 + LYRICS: Judehks – Justice For Misogyny Ft. Jubilee

Download Judehks Justice For Misogyny Ft. Jubilee Mp3 Download
Judehks – Justice For Misogyny Ft. Jubilee Mp3 Download

About Judehks Justice For Misogyny Featuring Jubilee Mp3 Download

Eight (8) years & counting, Abducted girls are yet to return home while the Govt sits back relaxing like it’s a movie. Judehks shares his piece of mind on issues faced by the girl child in modern day Nigeria.

Judehks Justice For Misogyny featuring Jubilee showcases the potential of music as a powerful tool for social change. It encourages listeners to question and challenge the prevailing narratives that devalue and undermine women. Through its thought-provoking lyrics and captivating melodies, the song aims to inspire individuals to actively participate in the fight against misogyny and work towards creating a world where everyone is treated with respect and equality.

Judehks Justice For Misogyny Lyrics Feat. Jubilee

My heart is heavy laden.. feels like am in hades/ who’s gon save me noww, .. forever i’ve been waiting redemption of the maidens.. held up in the wild, Heard the noise of the gunshots..,(then) i Heard the voice of the girl child, … I’ma look to the heavenlies, we need justice for misogyny..

Verse 1:
Helplessness is such a sad feeling/
I live in a place where there’s a lotta blood spilling, yet the oil’s drilling, still they’be kidnapping gals politician using’em for power exhibition/
The legislature sit once in a while like they’ain paid/
executives are folding arms pending my execution/
They’l be deliberately deliberating on no possible negotiation leading to my release why’s all the persecution/
why’s all d suffering, why’s d president slow to action like he’s responsible for my unjust detention/
Who’s gonna hear me now, How I feel is not important but to be a bait for the trap was not my intention/
Holding on to what I believe I’ma stand for the truth got ma hands on the plough/
Hold me back all you want but The LORD is my hope am aware you can’t touch my soul/
don’t know when but the only thing I see is a threat on my life when am I gonna die but I sleep & I wake every morning my God is sustaining me He’s gonna save my life…


Verse 2:

This is the voice of a sexually abused child/
I’m long dead but i’was craving for a rape charge/
I cried in silence I was too scared to reach out/
to let y’all know I desperately needed a genuine helper/
it’s been Five years, I tried to keep it as a secret but the truth came out like a volcanic eruption/
I spent nights in tears, said I should keep it on a low didn’t know that very soon my body would see corruption/you’wr supposed to be my guardian, supposed to shield me from the wickedness of the world but u turned out to be the very serpent/
I know that you’ve been hiding, a wolf in sheep’s clothing knight’s armor, everybody else thinks u’ve been the Lord’s servant/felt the pain every time there was a penetration in me with deep cuts, I feel ashamed for this generation of men with so much dis-gust, sorry to say but this how I feel so unfortunate you can’t hear me now let justice reign for the sake of the many gals who are still living now I wish I was still living now/


Verse 3:

Justice for misogyny, & for leah sharibu/, rest in peace Ochanya what you passed is disheartening, let’em save the arguments for somthn less troubling we keep exchanging words when all we need is action to stop what’s happening/
lemme take u back a bit.. travel all d way down to memory lane, D rights of females truncated unlike God ordained, in the very start she was a help mate not a slave/ All d stress they go thru.. 36 weeks the birth pangs/
they deserve more than we give’em mehn,
they deserve more than the system has made them to be, Housewives for the kitchen & producers of our progeny,/ we gotta put some respek to the Gender for a minute/
I take a stand for the gal child education regardless of what the government has done to chibok & dapchi gals/
i’ain a feminist I’m tryna say my piece of mind/
I hope Nigeria changes from this very day

Download, listen and stay Blessed!

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