Father’s Day: Fox & Friends Feat. Matthew West and Daughter Lulu

Fox & Friends

Fox & Friends Featured Matthew West and Daughter Lulu, A Performance For Father’s Day Celebration

In a heartwarming tribute for Father’s Day, Matthew West, the renowned singer-songwriter, released a special duet version of his touching song “Before You Ask Her” featuring his daughter, Lulu West. This heartfelt track was made available across various digital streaming platforms for listeners to enjoy. The idea for this collaboration came about after Lulu joined her father on stage last year during his headline performance at the prestigious Ryman Auditorium.

Lulu, inspired by the beautiful message of the song, decided to surprise her father by recording her own vocals for the track. She reached out to Matthew’s team, who embraced the idea and helped release this reimagined version of “Before You Ask Her.”

The tender ballad, co-written by Matthew West and the accomplished songwriter AJ Pruis, delves into the wisdom a father imparts to the young man seeking his daughter’s hand in marriage. It explores the important advice and guidance a father gives, highlighting the precious love and care he has for his daughter.

To commemorate Father’s Day, Matthew West and Lulu performed their touching duet on June 19th on the popular morning show, Fox & Friends Weekend. Their heartfelt rendition captivated audiences and served as a testament to the special bond shared between a father and his daughter.

Fans and viewers alike were moved by this exceptional performance, which showcased the emotional depth of the song and the undeniable talent of both Matthew West and Lulu. The heartwarming lyrics and the soulful harmonies brought warmth and nostalgia to those who witnessed the touching duet.

For those who missed the live performance on Fox & Friends, the footage of their unforgettable rendition is available for viewing, allowing fans to experience the magic of this remarkable collaboration firsthand.

The duet between Matthew West and his daughter Lulu serves as a beautiful reminder of the profound love between a father and his child. Through the power of music, they have created a timeless piece that resonates with audiences, capturing the essence of the special bond shared between fathers and daughters everywhere.

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