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BoizQuarters Gospel Movement: The Logo
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BoizQuarters: Gospel Movement


BoizQuarters is a Gospel Movement, an organization, that aims at promoting the gospel via charity deeds; spreading the gospel. It was founded with genuine love in heart.


BoizQuarters continues it’s mission, regardless of the obstacles it encountered thus far with BoizQuarters online: the online activities, that is. However, it’s offline activities never stopped for once. An example is the charity moves by BoizQuarters, that has never halted until date: BoizQuarters has been able to reach out to a good number people to support them, financially and otherwise.

This day, 10th September, 2022, BoizQuarters is determined to start online activities: Hence, updates of all the activities of the organization will be updated on the BoizQuarters Official Website and its various social media networks.


You can reach and follow BoizQuarters on various social media networks. Below are the list, you can click to join or follow BQ:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/boizquarters
Facebook: https://facebook.com/boizquarters
Instagram: https://instagram.com/boizquarters

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BoizQuarters is a movement that spreads the Gospel via charity and good deeds. It's quote is from 2 Corinthians Chapter 2 verse 15.

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